Glacial Ocean Clay: After 2.5 Million Years, This Clay Is Ready to Shine!

Glacial Ocean Clay: After 2.5 Million Years, This Clay Is Ready to Shine!

Each bar of our OGO Soap overflows with cleaning properties and healing ingredients. From nourishing coconut oil to super-emollient shea butter, our Soothing Seven ingredients boost the organic soap’s ability to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin.

As effective as the Soothing Seven are, though, they still play a complementary role to the primary superstar: glacial ocean clay. We’d like to take a few minutes to give this ingredient the attention it deserves.

What Is Glacial Ocean Clay?

Glacial ocean clay is a type of pure clay that started its journey in the glaciers of the Pacific Northwest. More than 2.5 million years ago, these glaciers in what would become Western Canada began to erode, their pristine mineral deposits travelling toward the water below. Later, the glacial deposits blended with ground nutrients and marine sediments, mixing and churning into a mineral-rich clay with a silky quality.

This mixture eventually settled to the ocean floor, where it further mixed with minerals as the ocean carried out its natural patterns. The result? A pure and unpolluted clay with incredible healing and therapeutic properties.

Where Does It Come From?

Glacial oceanic clay comes from ocean deposits in Bute Inlet, just off the Homathko Ice Field along the coast of British Columbia. The clay resides in a pristine inter-tidal region, and it receives regular refreshment from phytoplankton and other micronutrients.

Hand-harvested from May through August each year, this ocean clay is under the jurisdiction of the Homalco First Nations government in partnership with Canadian and provincial government regulations for sustainable harvesting. Environmental and community guidelines ensure the long-term presence of this precious resource.

What Unique Properties Does Glacial Ocean Clay Have?

More than any other clay, glacial ocean clay is a powerhouse for healing minerals. It contains more than 60 minerals to help cleanse and nourish your skin, along with 30-percent glacial water content.

Since glacial ocean clay is negatively charged, it works against bacteria and other toxin particulates that are positively charged. These opposite charges attract, letting the clay absorb and draw out impurities to detoxify the skin’s cells. Some of the many clay components include silicon dioxide, iron oxide, calcium oxide, aluminum oxide, potassium oxide, and magnesium oxide. This grey-coloured clay is also balanced and pH-neutral, meaning it won’t affect your skin’s natural barrier.

While it is fighting off impurities, glacial ocean clay swells in size. It also dries when exposed to the air, exfoliating and softening your skin. When drawing moisture through osmosis from deep skin tissues, the clay helps hydrate and revitalize the top layers, reducing pore size and calming inflammation from conditions like eczema or rosacea.

Welcome Ogo Soap Into Your Cleansing Routine

Our Ogo soap cleansing bar has a unique blend of glacial ocean clay, natural oils and butters. Washed across your skin, it helps rejuvenate, refresh, and cleanse the day away. We’re confident you’ll love our handmade soap and the way it blends sustainable harvesting practices, natural ingredients, and balanced skin health.