Imagine swimming in the sublime waters of Okanagan Lake. You dive below the surface, feeling the cool water against your skin. But as you break the surface and open your eyes, you see something on the horizon. Staring off into the distance, looking for it to breach again, you're startled as it swims beneath you. Could it be? Is it the mythical Ogopogo?

Supposed sightings of the fabled Ogopogo (n ̓x̌ax̌aitkʷ — pronounced n-ha-ha-it-koo) have been around since the 1800s, and likely even before that. The Ogopogo is believed by the Syilx to be a protector of the valley.

We chose the name OGO Soap to honour the legendary Ogopogo. And like that ancient spirit of the lake, we seek to protect the land in which we live. That's why we create our natural beauty ocean clay products with the finest organic, sustainably harvested oils and butters.

Our Story

The heart behind OGO Soap began beating nearly 20 years ago when I (Karan) learned to hand-craft cold-pressed soaps. Looking to provide safer, greener options for my family, I applied my scientific know-how to create soaps from natural ingredients and free of unnecessary chemicals. 

With the last of our 3 children graduating in 2021, we — Karan and Cameron Bowyer — are venturing into the uncharted waters of e-commerce (hopefully with some protection from the Ogopogo!)‌

Our Flagship

OGO's Ocean Clay Cleansing Bar, is a deep dive into a genuinely unique cleansing experience.

The jewel in this super-fatted formulation is ancient, mineral-rich ocean clay formed by glaciers over thousands of years.

Ocean clay unlocks moisture from the deep inner tissues for an intensely hydrating effect that strengthens the skin's barrier, reduces inflammation, and naturally cools and soothes the skin.

Our Philosophy

While the word "luxurious" might come to mind when using our product, you'll find our packaging to be decidedly "humble."

We have worked hard to create environmentally-friendly, plastic-free packaging for our product.

Our kraft paper tubes are biodegradable. Our OGO stickers are zero-waste (yes, even the liner the stickers come on.) ‌

Our Vision

Like Ogopogo (n ̓x̌ax̌aitkʷ), the tremendous fabled spirit of the lake, we aspire to do our part in protecting the world in which we live.

‌With OGO Soap, we unite our dedication to clean, sustainable beauty with a desire for greener, healthier choices for ourselves and our world. 

‌We invite you to explore our website to learn more and join us for a deep dive into natural beauty.