Olive - Meet Our Soothing Seven

Olive - Meet Our Soothing Seven

Humankind discovered the wonders of olive oil millennia ago. From the first civilizations that rubbed olive oil on their skin for personal hygiene to today's serums and soaps, the use of this beneficial ingredient is everywhere. It is an essential part of any "clean beauty" or "green beauty" routine.
Let's see how the oil benefits your skin and why it has so much hype in the beauty regimen.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Your Skin
Apart from numerous benefits for our health, olive oil can also enhance your skin's quality.

Olive oil can slow down early signs of aging due to its exceptional antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are chemical agents that counter the effect of free radicals in your body.

Treats Skin Conditions
Olive oil is rich in fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamins A, D, E, and K. All of these vitamins are beneficial for your skin.
For instance, topical vitamin E is effective against psoriasis and eczema. Similarly, topical retinol (vitamin A) reduces wrinkles associated with natural aging.

Antibacterial Effects
In a study, olive oil showed potential antibacterial properties.
Another study found that olive oil and coconut oil pose antibacterial effects on Staphylococcus aureus bacteria on the skin. Thus, olive oil may have the potential to protect your skin from bacterial damage.
Moreover, olive oil can also promote the healing of feet from bacterial infection caused by type 2 diabetes.

A Moisturizer
Many natural beauty products use Olive oil as a moisturizer for skincare routines.

Olive Oil Soaps: The Best Clean Beauty Product
Clean beauty, natural beauty, and green beauty are some terms used interchangeably in skincare. Green beauty products use only natural ingredients. Due to the popularity of this trend, virgin olive oil has now become an essential ingredient in beauty products, like serums and moisturizers.
Many high-quality olive oil soaps consist of Grade A or extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). EVOO comes from the first gentle pressing of the olives.
Soap makers have been using olive oil in their recipes for centuries. In addition to being extremely mild on the skin, adding olive oil to soap hardens it, making the soap last longer.


olive branch and ogo soap

How We Use Olive Oil in Our Ocean Clay Cleansing Bar

The moisturizing properties of olive oil are further enhanced when combined with other oils such as coconut or avocado to produce a creamy lather and give you glowing, smooth skin.

If clean, green and natural are essential in the skincare products you buy, check our "Ocean Clay Cleansing Bar," made by hand in small batches using traditional cold-processed methods. The gem in our formulation is a rare glacial ocean clay. We marry our ocean clay with the "Soothing Seven," five exceptional oils (including extra virgin olive oil!) shea and cocoa butter.